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Review: The royal peach palette | Kyshadow

by yadimalbari February 1, 2017 0 comment
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HAPPY FEBRUARY! With social media blowing up about the Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Royal Peach Palette I was quick to purchase it especially since it’s a cruelty free company. It’s great that more and more companies are working hard on becoming cruelty free and Kylie Cosmetics was quick to jump on the bandwagon! Any who, I decided to review the palette for you since it’s a “hot ticket” item at the moment.

The palette comes in a white cardboard box that has a models eyes beautifully decorated with the colors of the palette. The side of the palette says The Royal Peach Palette, like the spine of a book and on the back you see the name of the shades in the order that they’re placed. The actual palette is the shape of a rectangle, it’s made up of a thick cardboard and has KYLIE written on the lid in gold letters. Once opened, there is a mirror, a white blending brush with white bristles and of course 12 shades, that’s more than the original palettes.

This is the first palette to include a brush, now I’m a sucker for good blending brush, however I did have an issue with this brush. The brush feels to me like sable hair (non-cruelty free) which I am not a fan of. I did try to research the brush before I purchased the palette but the website does not specify what material is used on the brush. I am still doing research and cannot find anything, if you have any idea leave me a comment below.

$45. Compared the original palettes which have 9 shades and retail for $42, this palette is totally worth the price. You’re getting 12 shades, a mirror and a brush. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the price and I think Kylie Cosmetics should make more palettes like this one.

I have read in the media that some people’s palette have a chemical smell, I have to agree, my palette does have a chemical smell; it sort of resembles a glue scent. The scent definitely did not irritate my eyes when I applied the shadows nor did I have an allergic reaction. No harm done.

The formula of the shimmer shadows is almost like a velvety feel. Some of the glitter shadows have higher reflective glitter (duchess, queen bee) and others have a more finely milled glitter making them metallic (seashell, duke, mojito, north star). The satin finish shades are super creamy to the touch (royal and crush). The matte shades are super blendable and highly pigmented. All the shade are talc and paraben free which is great!

Shades: (pulled from www.kyliecosmetics.com)

  • Sorbet (matte finish light tangerine)
  • Seashell (metallic finish pink champagne)
  • Peachy (matte finish bright peach)
  • Royal (satin finish bright royal blue)
  • Queen Bee (metallic finish shimmering caramel)
  • Duke (metallic finish red copper)
  • Duchess (metallic finish bright cinnamon)
  • Sandy (matte finish medium tan)
  • Mojito (metallic finish golden green)
  • North Star (metallic finish soft lilac)
  • Crush (satin finish peachy pink)
  • Cinnamon (matte finish burnt orange)

There was no creasing and the colors are extremely pigmented and highly blendable. I applied the color sorbet to my whole lid and loved the color it gave as well as the velvety feel it had. Just like the website says, velvety feel.

Over all I think this palette is a great buy. From the additional 3 shades and mirror the $45 makes the palette worth it. I do feel though that some clarification on the brush would be great. If it happens that the brush is not cruelty free, I will refrain from using the brush.

So what did you think? Do you think you’ll take the plunge once it’s back on sale? Let me know down in the comment section! Also stay tuned for the tutorial I filmed using this palette!

Happy Wednesday!

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