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Top 5 Lip Shades for Spring

by yadimalbari March 8, 2017 0 comment
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Happy March everyone!
I am so happy that we are in March now, not only is it my birthday month but, it’s also the beginning of SPRING…well after the 20th that is! I am so excited for the warmer weather and bright colors; so much that it has inspired me to come up with 5 lip shades that I am really looking forward to wearing. 
One way to make your look pop is to have a bright color to make you stand out and what better way than incorporating that color onto your lips?! This is one of the things I enjoy doing during Spring and Summer.

Orangey Red
This is such a great alternative to the traditional red. It also makes you look fresh and young. Orangey red ishades are great to bring attention to your lips and pearly whites! I’m excited to wear the e.l.f rowdy rouge, this lipstick comes in a pencil like tube and it’s super affordable at only $3!

I love wearing plum shades in the spring time! Imagine, an all-white outfit and a pop of color on your lips! What a statement don’t you think? Plums shades are great to bring attention to the lips just as those orangey-reds. I wouldn’t recommend having a heavy eye look when you wear this lip color…it tends to be too much and can become overwhelming to look at. Berry me and Berry me 2 from Dose of color are two shades that I really love and gravitate towards. These 2 shades have a bit of a magenta/plum color to them and they are a matte finish so they will stay for a long time! These retail for $18 on the Dose of Color website.

Come on now, did we really think nudes were out for spring and summer? For spring and summer I like to get away from the skin tone shades and go to the pinky-nude lip color shades. I think that spring and summer nudes should always have a pink undertone because, we want to look alive especially when you’ve been out in the sun catching that Vitamin D; we don’t want to wash our lips out. One of my all-time favorites is Lovely by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is a good nude/pinky tone that works great to make your lips look subtle, especially if you’re trying to make your eyes or any other feature stand out. This too is a matte liquid lipstick and it retails for $20; you can find it on the ABH website or Sephora. 

You can NEVER go wrong with a pink shade on your lips- Am I right?! I have two shades that I am most excited to wear. Pale pinks are great for a more subtle lip and deeper pinks are great to add more umph to your desired look without drawing all the attention to your lips, it leaves room for other details to pop! The shades I’m most excited about are super affordable. I’m talking about the e.l.f shades in Dash of pink and Flirty flamingo. These two are so different from each other. Dash of pink is more of a petal pink while the latter is more of a darker pink with a hint of red. Now that I think about it… these are a great day and night duo! These retail for $3, such a steal!
Well I am so excited to get some tutorials going using these lip shades! I’ll be sure to have them up for you before Spring comes knocking! What shades are you most excited to wear for the spring? Let me know in the comment section below!

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