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I am so happy you’re here! You must be wondering who I am right now? Well, I am Yadi, the best way to describe myself are a wanderlust, fur baby lover and beauty enthusiast. I became a certified make-up artist in early 2015 after realizing my love for the beauty world. Around the same time that I got certified my husband and I gained a new member in our little family, our fur baby Theodore. Theo is now a 10 pound Pomeranian who has greatly changed my life. Not only has he added so much joy in our lives; he has also inspired me to use cruelty free cosmetics, skin and hair products.

Becoming Cruelty-Free isn’t something that happens over night. Honestly, it’s a process. As long as you know that you want to move to a cruelty-free beauty life, that’s what matters and with time you will start to accumulate cruelty-free products. So if you don’t have products that are cruelty-free, don’t fret! Phase them out as you start obtaining more products! You’ll get there!